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I’d developed this site to share and sell my work as a digital artist. The site hasn’t been up very long but already it has inspired me to take things a big step further. I have an idea to launch a gallery that features digital and game art from artists from around the world. I’m very excited about the prospect and I have a ton of ideas on how I can use this gallery as a platform to promote digital artists and their work. I will have additional details soon but I will be launching a Kickstarter crowd funding by the end of the month to raise money to be able to lease or buy a facility. It will be a huge undertaking but I’m gung-ho about this idea and have already begun planning. I hope to have a video created by the end of next week, I would love to get feedback from people before I officially launch. So follow me as go along! I’d especially love for you to help me promote the Kickstarter project. Please click here to sign-up to my mailing list and I will keep you informed on my progress and when I’m ready to launch.