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Artist Partnership Info

About Us

Rendered Ink provides printing and print sales solutions for game and fantasy art creatives of all types.

We are a group of printers and game/fantasy art enthusiasts! We’ve seen this genre of artwork gain significant growth over the past ten years. Many collectors, including ourselves, are enamored by the fantasy and the nostalgia of these pieces.

We are a full-service print shop capable of printing ‘collector'(Giclee Quality) prints up to 64″ wide on a variety of different substrates. We print, package and ship the pieces to the customer on your behalf.

We are looking for artists

We give artists the opportunity to feature their works on We are looking for creative people who have a passion for game, fantasy, and digital art and want to earn commissions from sales of their work on this forum. Additionally, we are working on developing a Rendered Ink Gallery in Phoenix, Arizona and will hand pick artists to be featured and possibly have an exclusive exhibit. Fill-out the form below to be considered and we will email you Art Sales Info packet that details the earning potential. There is no fulfillment responsibility on your end! We handle all the printing and fulfillment.

Selling Options

Limited Editions

This is our typical selling format. Limited Editions are sold in finite quantities and are usually signed and numbered. Quantity limitations typically increase the value of the piece and is usually marked up a little higher than an open edition. Limited editions are sold on a pre-sale basis and a specific date is scheduled for their release (shipment.)

Open Editions

Prints are available with no limited quantities. Open editions are not typically signed or numbered and their value is based on the popularity of the subject matter featured. The ordering format is printed to order, however, a pre-sale option may be considered.


Sales of original are priced many times higher than reproductions. However, at this time, sales of originals on Rendered Ink is not an option.

Steps to submitting artwork

Ensure your artwork is high resolution and we can see enough detail.
IMPORTANT. Your artwork file name should be formatted as so: “first name-last name-nameofwork” (e.g. Leno-Marin-gametime.)
Please allow up to two weeks for us to review your work.

Details regarding sales commission will be emailed to you. Or you may call us to receive the details. Please call (480) 483-0484.

Submit artwork here

  • Drop files here or
    Upload samples of your work. We will review the artwork and contact you.